What I Do.

A huge part of my process is relationship building. Developing a working relationship that allows me to fully understand your direction, goals, thought process, and budget. Where a team is involved the relationships and understanding go even deeper as the diverse personalities take part in achieving a successful outcome.

Methodical Process
Gather every detail possible to put together the most comprehensive solutions.
Friendly Service
Amidst the discussions, honest feedback, and energetic goal setting, there will always be a smile to give.
Long Lasting Relationship
The goal and intent of every client is to create a long lasting relationship so I can be there to help and understand as you continue to grow.

In order to help you grow your business, we can advise you in in the following areas:

IT Equipment and Services
AV Equipment and Services
Web Hosting and Development
Cloud Services and Software
Sales Process Analysis and Development
Graphic and Branding Design

Articles & Reviews

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The 3 P’s

In many aspects of our life, we are tasked with or faced with challenges. Some of these challenges are assigned to us, others are self-appointed, and some are life challenges that you never see coming until they are staring you in the face. A lot of people get stuck with how to proceed or approach […]

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Cloud File Sharing For Your Business

As groups of individuals strive to go paperless, and companies try to avoid sending files over email for projects or archival or security reasons, and photographers needing a secure place to store and share their work from, and organizations working with people remotely all over the world needing a central storage place for file sharing, […]

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Sell and Stay Within Your Scope of Expertise

An article by guest blogger for Audio Visual Bend, Erik Beyer – Regional VP of Sales – CLAIR Solutions   How do we, as professionals in the AV industry, help small businesses recognize the opportunities that are better serving of their needs? Systems that will better serve them in the long run and, in some […]

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