I will be working on detailing this a little more and making sure I provide source links to where these projects live and will live.  I am constantly working on something so it will be a fun challenge for me to keep organized and keep this updated!  So, aside from my regular job that currently pays my bills, below are some other projects I am working on or toying with.


  1. Mac Glue, Inc, – Industry leading boutique craft glue, designed for mosaic work, but good on almost all surfaces for use in indoor and outdoor applications.
  2. Revamp Net, – Web hosting, domain names, web design.

Ideas In Development:

  1. Deep Woods Design Agency,
  2. Adopt The Outdoors (ATO), – Website resource dedicated to community service projects in the outdoors.  With a focus on Boy Scouts of America, it can be used for areas all over, for anyone.  In Development.


  1. Couch to Blue Belt
  2. Earth V2 – Sci-fi/dystopian novel, been working on this off and on since 2008.


  1. Erik Beyer, – blog posts, photography projects, life updates.

Tools I am Using:

  1. Evernote – This has become such a mental relief tool for me!  Places to dump ideas, store and write notes from meetings, I scan all of my business cards, which syncs with my iPhone contacts, which ends up in my Outlook on my computer.  Amazing!  So much with this!  And I am a Premium User.  I am working on becoming an Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC).
  2. Dropbox – I store so much here!  I use it to share everything from my music, project files for work, all of my photos, scans, Boy Scout documents, etc.  I am a paid user here as well.  I am setup as a reseller for Dropbox Business.