About Me

General Stuff About Who I Am

Living in Mansfield, Texas, I am a Business Development Manager for Sound Productions, and a freelance Business Technology and Sales Consultant.  I am keeping my plate full with business endeavors, Boy Scouts with my sons, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and spending quality time with my wife as much as possible!

I am part owner of a craft glue company, Mac Glue, Inc.  It’s a boutique craft glue sold all over the world with a constantly growing demand.  We are positioning ourselves to get into larger national dealers for broader distribution.

Some other hobbies are:

Working on a fiction novel (slow going).

I keep up with film photography while it’s still around.  I have been shooting 35mm for 20+ years, and I am starting in 120 Medium Format now on a newly refurbished Mamiya 645.

I am playing music as much as time allows, camping as much as I can get time to do it, and spending time with family and friends to keep things real.

You can also visit my NOW page, inspired by well-known entrepreneur, speaker, online mentor, and good acquaintance, Derek Sivers with his ” How to make a NOW page“.  I do my best to keep it updated.

Drop me a line! I stay busy, but enjoy staying in touch.