Inspired by Derek Sivers
Who is Derek Sivers?


I will be working on detailing this a little more and making sure I provide source links to where these projects live and will live.  I am constantly working on something so it will be a fun challenge for me to keep organized and keep this updated!  So, aside from my regular job that currently pays my bills, below are some other projects I am working on or toying with.


  1. Photography – I own a Konica Autoreflex S2 35mm film camera, and a Mamiya 645 120mm film camera.  I love shooting film!  My love, Emily and I share a passion of shooting film and want to do theme-based photography projects to turn them into coffee table books and prints.
  2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – I train at Alvarez BJJ located in Arlington, TX.  Coach Danny Alvarez is a worldwide top-ranked competitor, making this academy the finest place to train in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

Book Ideas

  1. Couch to Blue Belt – a simpletons guide to getting into Jiu Jitsu starting from nothing.  It’s what I did, and it has taught me a lot and I want to share that with others.
  2. Sci-fi/dystopian novel, been working on this off and on since 2008.


  1. Mac Glue, Inc, – Industry leading boutique craft glue, designed for mosaic work, but good on almost all surfaces for use in indoor and outdoor applications.
  2. Revamp Net – Web hosting, domain names, web design.  Ironically, this site is down and getting reworked.

Ideas In Development

  1. Adopt The Outdoors (ATO), – Website resource dedicated to educating the public who wish to enjoy the outdoors how to do so safely and respectively through Leave No Trace, Tread Lightly, Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness Survival skills through classes and awareness sessions.

Tools I am Using

  1. Evernote – This has become such a mental relief tool for me!  Places to dump ideas, store and write notes from meetings, I scan all of my business cards, which syncs with my iPhone contacts, which ends up in my Outlook on my computer.  Amazing!  So much with this!  And I am a Premium User.
  2. Dropbox – I store so much here!  I use it to share everything from my music, project files for work, all of my photos, scans, Boy Scout documents, etc.  I am a paid user here as well.