The last couple of years have become challenging in radio frequencies (RF) for wireless microphone systems here in the United States.  One of the main challenges includes crowding between the frequencies of 470 MHz and 608 MHz due to the TV stations affected by the selling of the 600 MHz band by the FCC and all TV stations having to move into the spectrum left.  The number of TV stations now occupying that space allows only a few available TV stations for wireless microphones, and sometimes less in major cities.

The new Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D) microphone system offers equidistant spacing of frequencies in a multi-channel system with a tuning grid of 600 kHz apart from one another.  With our elimination of intermodulation, we can take advantage of what frequencies are left.  With that kind of spacing, you can fit 10-channels into a single 6 MHz TV station.  In an open, available spectrum, and a tuning bandwidth of 56 MHz, EW-D can achieve up to 90-channels at a time!

In Higher Education and performance theater, typically, the channel requirements are higher.  However, schools and theaters will sacrifice performance or reduced channel count because of budget restraints.  Evolution Wireless Digital is a budget-friendly solution, with added performance capabilities not found in any other wireless system at the same price point.

Managing a wireless microphone system with a large channel count can be tricky, and those systems tend to require a network and additional infrastructure.  EW-D uses an app that connects to the receivers using Bluetooth Low Energy for a streamlined setup and operation.  The app allows for quick frequency scanning, naming, and initiation of syncing transmitters and is a free download from the Android and iOS app stores. It is called Smart Assist. This app is like having an RF specialist at your fingertips.

With the launch of the new EW-D, we brought a new antenna splitter, a new antenna, and other accessories.  The new splitter and antenna are backward compatible with older Evolution Wireless systems allowing the customer to combine new equipment with older systems.  In addition, handheld transmitters can now use any of our capsules, from a Neumann KK 205 to our MMD 835 capsules.

The Evolution Wireless Digital microphone system is right at home in performance spaces and lecture halls.  With the ability to grab an RF channel in just about any open spectrum, one can achieve a higher channel count if needed.  This system takes affordable digital wireless to a whole new level, being easy to use, flexible, robust, a solid RF connection, and all controllable with an intuitive app.

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