In many aspects of our life, we are tasked with or faced with challenges. Some of these challenges are assigned to us, others are self-appointed, and some are life challenges that you never see coming until they are staring you in the face.

A lot of people get stuck with how to proceed or approach these challenges. Some of us just dive in with little to no real preparation, and some just avoid them by never trying. No matter how these challenges come into your life, by overcoming and surpassing them you are guaranteed to grow, learn, and be a better person because of it.

I must also mention that even if you do not succeed in winning or achieving the goal, but you followed the right steps and pushed through the challenge, you are still a winner and successful. The difference is you now have a new challenge and goal to work towards. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed. Get up, brush off the dirt and keep fighting.

Below are the 3 P’s, something that came to me while driving to work one day. It’s not rocket science, nor did I reinvent the wheel. These are three simple but critical steps to achieving greatness, overcoming and working through those challenges in your life. If you apply them in your own way, you will find success in more that you do in life.


  • Figure out your goals
  • Decide on equipment required
  • Create your game plan


  • Put the work in towards your goals
  • Acquire the tools and equipment to succeed and learn how to use them well
  • Practice and perfect your game (only perfect practice makes perfect – don’t get sloppy)


  • Achieve and exceed your goals
  • Use the tools in the ways they were intended to help you succeed
  • Get out there and do your best, perform what you practiced, give it your all!